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The Plateau

Weightloss is difficult. In fact, it’s not just difficult, it’s nearly impossible at times. That is when you plateau. That, so happens to be where I am now. So as you read in my last wellness post, I’ve lost…


The HMR Experience

In September 2016, after years of struggling with my weight, I finally hit my breaking point. I have struggled with my weight since I was 4. Seriously, you can look at my childhood photos and go ‘aw, what a…


British Beauty

I’m no beauty guru, but after years of watching British beauty mavens on YouTube there were a few things that I had my eye on, knowing I was heading across the pond. Here are a few thing I managed to…

Beauty Travel

Travel Essentials | Bath & Beauty

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Packing is not. The only enjoyable part of packing for me is the carry-on because it’s about choosing your favorite things to bring on your journey! Now the big problem…


#FOTD | September Bright

Well, it’s officially September, and I’m entering fall mode. As the weather cools down, the makeup gets warmer. Warm browns, rosey cheeks, and red lips. Always red lips. …


#FOTD | Neutral Simplicity

So I’m no beauty blogger, but I’m semi-obsessed with people who are. Many a YouTube tutorial and Sephora binge later, I’ve started to enjoy doing my makeup. Most days I opt for a clean simple look, focusing on my…