I bought jeans from an Instagram ad…

Last summer I was scrolling on Instagram, as you do, and a small denim company caught my eye. Warp + Weft (@warpweftworld) were promising to be “denim for all” with a wide range of sizes and styles.  As I sat in my well-loved GAP high waisted stretch jeans, watching the color slowly fade and seams start to pull, I decided maybe it was time to try something new after having the same 2 pairs for the last several years. And hey, they had free return shipping, so I was definitely sold.

Coming in at a steep $89 per pair (as someone who pays full price for NOTHING), I knew they were a commitment, but as I continued to scroll through their mere handful of Instagram images, their simple and straight forward, inclusive brand continued to sell me. Warp + Weft’s very first instagram post was a woman, my body type, rocking a pair of skinny jeans in a funky wash I hadn’t seen from any other retailer. I pulled the trigger.

My JFK Skinnies in ‘Venice’ arrived 5-7 business days later in a crisp white box (minus the USPS bumps) lined with crimson tissue.

It was definitely the most glamorous denim experience I’ve had. 

As I opened the box, and unfurled the jeans in all their glory, I was certain they weren’t going to fit. We all know the struggle to find that perfect pair of jeans that doesn’t make you look like your mom in the 90s or JT and Brittany at the AMAs, but as a plus size woman, the struggle is especially real. I ordered my true to size 16 (I can be anywhere from a 12 to a 18 in jeans depending on brand – seriously, what is this world we live in?!)

My doubt was quickly relieved as I slipped the JFKs on just like everyone else, one leg at time and to my surprise, they stretched to perfection. Enough structure to hold their shape, but enough stretch to fit just right in all those tight places. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was just how SOFT these jeans are. A cotton, promodal, elastin blend, the Warp & Weft denim hits all the marks for me. With the raw hem look, these are great for a casual weekend, or I cuff them up and rock them in my casual work environment with a t-shirt and blazer.

Flash forward a few months and I find another void in my denim collection. My GAP jeans have finally said their goodbye and huzzah, Warp & Weft is having a sale! Half price, which to me is 2 for 1. I without hesitation ordered two more pair of the JFK in a mid-wash and dark finish with structured hems for a more polished everyday look.

Needless to say, I’ve fallen in love with these jeans and as soon as I find another void in my wardrobe, I plan on purchasing more (I’m thinking some of those mighty fine looking coated black JFKs for when I’m feeling that leather look.)

Moral of the story: sometimes Instagram can get the algorithm just right, and you might be able to find your next favorite thing. Have you ever purchased anything from an Instagram post? Let me know some of your standout brands from social media in the comments below!

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