The Plateau

Weightloss is difficult. In fact, it’s not just difficult, it’s nearly impossible at times. That is when you plateau. That, so happens to be where I am now.

So as you read in my last wellness post, I’ve lost almost 50 pounds in the last year, since starting HMR in September 2016. Something easy enough to be proud of, and I am. But I’ve struggled since entering ‘Phase 2’ of the program, where you have more freedom with your proteins and grains, and are less dependent on the program’s meals and shakes, trying to navigate this thing called life.

I’ll admit, I’ve lapsed back into some of my old eating habits (Halo Top helped me justify ice cream) and my workout routines haven’t been consistent since I moved further away from my gym. Basically I’ve come up with excuses not to stick to the game plan I envisioned for myself a few months ago.

In order to counteract this negative dip, I’ve started a few of the following strategies:

  • Meal planning – I’ve started writing out my meals for the week in advance. If you want to get really into it, you can start meal prepping, but since I’m trying to stick to the HMR meals to reset, I’ve planned meals using the HMR tools available to me. Stick to your plan you’ve established in advance and it makes leaving in the morning easier, and veering away from the strategy harder.
  • Weekly grocery shopping – Once I wrote out my meal plan for the week, I wrote out my grocery shopping list based off that plan. Shop for what you need to accomplish your plan, not for what ‘sounds good’. That’s how ice cream and Trader Joe’s pumpkin oreos end up in your cart (oops).
  • In-home workouts – I’ve fully come to terms that I’m no longer motivated to hit the gym like I was this past Spring. Instead, I’ve set up an at home Zumba station downstairs where I have room to workout in the comfort of my own home. No commute or gym pass required.
  • Water, water, water – I’ve tried to step up my water intake to accomplish a few things. One, it makes you feel much fuller, so you subsequently eat less. Two, when you’re hydrated you feel better, look better, and act better. Just facts.
  • Accept the little wins – When you’re going through a dip, it’s easy to criticize yourself for not accomplishing above and beyond. By accepting the small wins, you can slowly build back your self-confidence to tackle those lofty goals.

Plateaus happen. The motivational speaker in me is here to tell you that it does in fact get better. Acknowledge what’s holding you back and create small digestible tasks you can tackle to get you back to where you need to be. Like all things in life, weight loss is not about the end goal, it’s about how you get there. Doing it the right way, at your own pace provides longer lasting results.

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