A Few February Faves

February is the shortest month of the year, this is fact. But somehow February 2017 seems to have come and gone faster than years past. Maybe that’s a good thing…

Regardless of its brevity, February managed to bring a few things into my life that made it that much better in the most superficial of ways.

EyeBuyDirect ‘Hepburn’ frames It’s been several years since I last got my eyes checked and an undisclosed amount of time since I last properly wore my glasses when I should have (sorry, Mom), so I decided to upgrade to something a bit more exciting that made me want to wear my glasses. EyeBuyDirect allows you to select from a fashionable variety of frames and add in your own prescription for an unreal reasonable price. Similar to Warby Parker, you can virtually try on the specs before you purchase, and once you commit there is a return window if you’re not feeling the way that fit your face. Use my promo code for a free $10 on your first purchase!

Monki Layered Ornate earrings I’m a self-declared ASOS fangirl, so when I spotted these beauties on the ASOS site, they mindlessly jumped into my shopping cart. I recently got my second holes pierced, so I’ve been playing with layering these (they come with four varying sized pairs) to create an elegant look for nights out or a casual cool vibe for weekend run arounds.


Soap and Glory Brow Archery in ‘Love is Blonde’ Every time my eyebrow pencils come to their bitter end I like to try and switch up what I use to tame my furry friends. This month I’ve been trying out the S+G Brow Archery and have been loving the unique tear drop shaped, waxy pencil helps both add color to my sparse brows, while also holding them in place. The opposite end features a clear brow gel that seems to blend the color in with my natural brow, while sealing in the color all day.

Lush’s Cup O’ Coffee mask This luxe (and lush) face mask is one of my favorites. The coffee ground-based mask not only smells like a fresh French Press brew, but has a slight exfoliating texture when you go to rinse it off. I picked mine up when I was in Montreal (thus the French), but I love that it makes it feel that much more elegant.


Kristin Ess’ Dry Finish Working Texture Spray On my last Target adventure I was browsing the hair product aisles looking for something to give volume to my shorter hair and I was immediately drawn to this packaging. Previously, I was loving the Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Texture spray (especially for it’s $6 price tag), and couldn’t quite commit to the Oribe Dry Texture Spray (for it’s $45 price tag). This Working Texture spray from celeb hair stylist Kristin Ess sits perfectly in between. A few small sprays and it gives the grit and texture to my otherwise flat just washed hair that I need.

What are some products that helped you survive the start of 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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