Pom Wreath

Tis’ the season. Christmas is arriving much faster than I imagined, and I’ve started to decorate my place (oh, yeah, I have my own place now – woo), and I’ve been going for decor that’s a little more my taste than the traditional decor I grew up with in my grandmother’s house.

Decorating your own place means a lot of well-loved time spent on Pinterest. I can’t remember exactly where I stumbled upon this concept, but I was inspired by a recent all felt ball wreath I saw at West Elm (Mecca of the mid-century modern gods).

West Elm Felt Ball Wreath

The original plan was to create an all-white version to dupe the $79 beauty, but when I got to Michael’s I found this collection of multi-colored pom-poms that was just speaking to me. The shades of green, blue and tan go great with the rest of the decor in my place, and the pop of magenta adds much needed color to my otherwise neutral decor.


A few other tools: a hot glue gun, extra glue sticks, and a floral wreath ring makes this project not only simple, but surprisingly cheap. And hey, if you already have a hot glue gun, you’re ahead in the game.


I started by placing a few of the largest poms around the wreath, and then began clustering the medium and small poms around. There was a significant amount of super tiny poms included in this variety pack, so I made sure to use those as filler for the weird spaces. In order to avoid a radial look to your wreath (ie. looking like a cluster of Target logos), make sure vary both colors and size.

Other than those few tips, you can really make this to your design taste. Use all small ones and cluster large ones in a corner for a focal point; Create an ombre effect by grouping like colors together and fading from one color into the next; Or just go with one solid color and throw in a few random poms of one color. The options are endless!

Of the two large bags of pom poms I purchased ($10), I have about 3/4 of a bag left of mostly tiny ones and the orange/pink color selection I did not include, but could very easily become another project down the road.


I chose to hang my wreath plain, but I think I might also add a loop of silver ribbon, or tie a large bow to fill some space. This would be great for a door decoration, leaning on a bookshelf, or make mini wreaths and hang them on your Christmas tree as ornaments.

What color scheme are you going for this Christmas? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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