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November 2014


Kauai, Hawaii | Week Two

Another week another sunburn. Week two in Kauai started out on a great note with a sunrise adventure. I went to work with Zachary on Sunday and got a chance to explore Hanapepe while he flew skydivers and tours…

Beauty Travel

Travel Essentials | Bath & Beauty

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Packing is not. The only enjoyable part of packing for me is the carry-on because it’s about choosing your favorite things to bring on your journey! Now the big problem…


Kauai, Hawaii | Week One

Well, I did it. I made an impromptu decision and got a ticket to Kauai, Hawaii. One of by best friends, Zachary (pictured multiple times) works for Sky Dive Kauai and lives on the island, and graciously allowed me…


Butternut Squash Soup

So we gave in. My parents and I, as of late, have been watching far too much QVC and after enough contemplation, decided to buy a Vitamix. You cannot resist a good deal and free shipping, right? And a…