Local Love | Holy Hill Basilica

This week I took a moment to enjoy the warm sunshine on a brisk fall day, and wandered one of my favorite places to get away and think. Holy Hill Basilica in Hartford, WI has always been a meaningful place for my family and I find it to be one of those places that is beautiful any time of the year.

Fall is a wonderful time to climb the 175 steps to the top of one of the Basilica’s towers for 360 views stretching all the way to the Milwaukee skyline, or simply wander the wooded paths along the Stations of the Cross. The vast space and farms around Holy Hill remind me that peace and quiet still exists just a short drive from the crazy life in the city. Since I love learning about other people’s favorite places to travel, I figured I would share a little look into one of my favorite local escapes.

Here’s my photo diary from my day of wandering.

Sometimes it’s nice to have that special place to think.
Let me know what your favorite escape is, whether it’s city or country.
x Becca


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