Chocolate Orange Scones

Who doesn’t love a simple, quick and delicious breakfast? I know do on those busy days running errands or lazy days sleeping in and enjoying a cup of tea. While unemployment leaves me with plenty of spare time, I enjoy creating tasty treats for my busier friends and family and these chocolate orange scones definitely make a delicious gift.
The basics recipes of scones are generally the same, but when it comes to flavor combinations, that’s where your imagination and taste preference comes into play! As a child I always woke up on St. Nick’s day to an overflowing stocking of candy canes, CDs, books and chocolatey treats. Deep down, buried in the toe of that well-loved knit sock was the epitome of all holiday treats.
A. Terry’s. Chocolate. Orange. The pure joy of slamming that foil wrapped treat on the floor, waking up everyone in the house, just to see it split into perfect little segments. Ah, its the simple things.

I decided to use this well-loved flavor combination as my inspiration for these scones. Combining the fresh orange zest and dark chocolate chunks results in heavenly scone-ness. Prepare yourself.

The key to light and fluffy scones is extra cold butter. Just like any pie dough or pastry, you want the extra cold butter to hold up until it hits the heat of the oven. This flavors the dough, while creating pockets of air to make everything extra crumbly and delicious. You want to rub the butter into the flour mixture until you have pea sized crumbs.

I modified this recipe from an Epicurious chocolate scone recipe, by adding the orange. An unfortunate pack of bland and tart clementines still lends itself to flavorful zest and orange juice. I used the zest of two palm sized clementines, but you can substitute the zest of one regular orange or any citrus you prefer.

After mixing in the dry ingredients slowly, you want to work quickly so as not to warm the butter in the dough. I then shaped the dough into a pie shape, to create (roughly) even wedges.

Slice the dough as you would a pizza, into quarters and then eighths. The original recipe said it made six servings, but those would be some rather large scones. Slice as large or small as you desire.

I topped these chocolate orange wedges of goodness with a bit of egg wash I had left from another baking project that day, but you can easily use a small amount of milk. Either allow for a final sprinkle of sugar to stick to the top so the turn out golden, caramelized and delicious. Alternatively, you can use the orange juice from your leftover zested fruit and a few tablespoons of powdered sugar to make a thin glaze to coat your scones fresh out of the oven. A little bit of extra sweetness never hurts!

If you love Terry’s Chocolate Orange as much as this girl, or are simply looking for a banging breakfast to share with the someone you love, nothing beats a warm scone and a fresh cup of coffee.

Let me know what your favorite flavor combinations are and what I should make next!


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