Slow Cooker Oatmeal

As time keeps flying, it’s nice to have something quick and easy for breakfast before starting a day at work or planning the next big adventure.
In order to accommodate the early morning energy demand, this delicious slow cooker oatmeal has become a breakfast staple for the past couple of weeks. You can make it in large batches and store it in the refrigerator all week, and the flavors only get better.

I started with Steel Cut Oats from Bob’s Red Mill. This recipe is intended for steel cut oats, or Irish oats, since they hold up better in the slow cooker and don’t leave you with mush in the morning.

The recipe I am adapting calls for 1 part oats, 3 parts water, but for extra flavor I substituted a portion of my water with light coconut milk.
But that’s not all! The best part is you can add any flavors, fruits and sweet combinations that you enjoy in your morning oats. I’ve chosen dried apricots, Craisins, and dried prunes because that’s simply what I had on hand, but any dried fruits really work.
Let’s see how it’s done, shall we.
Simply chop up your dried fruits into small pieces. I used the Craisins as a guide, making the remainder of the fruits about the same size. Add the oats into slow cooker, then your dried fruits, and coconut milk and water.
Turn your slow cooker on low and leave overnight for 8-9 hours. Trust me, your house won’t burn down, the oats will not scorch, and in the morning you will wake up to delightfully creamy oatmeal.
Give this recipe a try and let me know what’s your favorite oatmeal flavor combination!

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