Back home

Packing up my life and moving sound sounded like a much needed change after two years in a small apartment.

Moving back home was not that.

Alas, as the jobless journalism graduate I am, it was both the most cost efficient and job hunting effective thing to do.
I’ve decided to embrace the opportunity to live rent free for a short while, in conjunction with my lack of employment and use this time to better myself. 
Cliche, I know. 
Whether it’s getting a new gym membership, wandering farmers markets, shopping estate sales and thrift stores (I already have a problem), or just taking a hike through the parks nearby, this is me time. Time to do what I want, but in a way that will ultimately make me a happier, well-versed, adventurous and passionate person.
The bucket lists are being made, the road trips are being planned…
So even if you’re living at home for a month, or 12, embrace the opportunity to do something for you.
I might just book a spontaneous flight to London.
Well, since I’ve been itching to go back for months, it might not be so spontaneous.

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